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Who is Framework Projects?

Framework Projects serves as a market leader in professional certification training in Project Management, Marketing, and Corporate Sales. We have trained over 600 students across various organizations and industries. We provide high-quality content presented in multiple formats such as videos, podcasts, simulated tests. mobile apps. Our courses are taught by experienced and well-trained facilitators.


Digital Marketing (DM) includes all marketing activities that use electronic
devices connected to the Internet to engage with customers.

  • Introduction

  • Understand and Evaluate Digital Marketing (DM)

  • Plan and Develop DM Channels

  • Optimize Website

  • Optimize Mobile/Tablet/Devices

  • Optimize Social Media

The theory sections mentioned here will be aided by case studies, exercises and simulations for practical/experiential learning.

The course provided a great environment to learn and explore scrum principles. There is an excitement
and motivation that it creates to tackle upcoming projects.

Kevin Simpson, Epic Technologies Ltd

Practical, engaging and useful. Highly recommended.

This course is very interesting and useful not just for your regular day job but in your personal life.
Please explore.

This course was of great value and I highly recommend to anyone who is beginning to practice SCRUM.
Andrea and her team run a very good program.

Andrea, this training experience was one of my best to date. I feel confident giving back to my
organization and starting to transition to SCRUM.

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to execute successful projects.

Roxanne Wanliss, USAID COMET II

The SCRUM Master Course was very detailed and comprehensive in explaining the fundamentals of
implementing SCRUM.